Davenetics was old school…
before there was a school.

Davenetics named to the Always-On/Technorati Open Media 100
Always On Network.

“It’s about ego, in a way…” (Hmmm, I don’t remember qualifying it with “in a way”)
SJ Mercury on the obsession.

Web logs come of age as source of news
SF Chronicle on blogs and a hometown kid.

Year of The Political Blogger
InternetNews.com on bloggers and election 2004.

The Guardian picks up on electablog’s takes on Bush’s Oedipal complex (Hamlet without the indecisiveness), big media wimping out, and moral values.

Appearance on CNN’s Headline News(click image for video).


This appearance caused one blogger to be amazed at how cute I am and another blogger’s wife to fantasize about me (yet another reason not to sniff gasoline and browse the web).

Electablog featured in the New York TimesSunday Styles Section.

Electablog featured in NPR Report on Bloggers at the Convention.
Listen here.

On the supposed rift between mainstreamers and bloggers.
The Hill

Blogger profile…
Congressional Quarterly

Dave Pell’s Electablog named among the first blogs ever credentialed for a national political convention.
More here…

A self-proclaimed political junkie and member of what he refers to as the “Watching Hardball in our Underpants Club,” Pell puts his own barefaced, satirical spin on politics.
NYU’s ReadMe

Electablog named Top Political Blog by Forbes…

Tracking Davenetics back to the newsletter days…
Sfist Blogger Thursday

“Short, sharp, often funny takes on election news from Dave Pell.”
Feedster Feed of the Day

“Though it’s a crowded market, a clean design and a great writer should help distinguish the newest political blog.”
Anil Dash

Dave Pell has started a new blog about the upcoming presidential election, and as you would expect, it’s very funny and insightful.

Former Davenetics publisher and CSPAN fanatic Dave Pell is now blogging at Electablog. After a couple years of earnest “soapbox ‘n rants” style of political blogging, it’s nice to see political-themed sites with a sense of humor and humility popping up

Blog of Note.

Electablog has also been quoted by, referred to or ridiculed by the following pubs: NY Times, LA Times, Online Journalism Review, Campaign Desk, Wonkette, National Journal, The Hill, Cincinnati Enquirer, Hardblogger, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Guardian, NPR, Palm Beach Post, Congressional Quarterly, Irish Echo, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, InternetWeek, Hollywood Reporter.

On Dave Pell’s NextDraft:
USA TodayNextDraft’s tangy blurbs and links provide a concise, attitude-laced overview of the day’s happenings.

Business 2.0A [blog] You Can Use…it’s a newsletter of “water-cooler cool.” It’s an efficient and enjoyable way to keep up to speed on the day’s news.

Eastern Daily PressAn insightful and witty take on the news and current affairs, business, technology and entertainment. There’s also an opinion piece, which is trenchant and often very funny. You would be forgiven for thinking there’s an editorial team behind it, but NextDraft is put together by one man. His biting, incisive commentary strikes at the heart of issues.

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