About Dave Pell

Dave Pell is an award winning writer who has been spreading the word via the web since he launched the Davenetics tech newsletter (now back as blog) in the early days of the internet boom. Towards the end of the heyday, providing news about the dot coms was the equivalent of writing an obituary column. The 2000 election drove Dave to shift his focus to include politics and general news. NextDraft was launched and is still up and running and read each Thursday by thousands of subscribers. Dave recently added Popcultablog and Electablog to the mix. Only weeks after its debut, Electablog was named the top political blog on the web by Forbes Magazine.

Beyond that, it’s a typical story, lots of potential. He’s one of those guys who complains about how much better the world would be if only achievement was based on a meritocracy. No one’s had the guts to tell him it already is. Dave is from the San Francisco Bay Area, went to Berkeley undergrad, taught high school in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn for a few years, Ed school at Harvard, internet economy made him an investor and advisor with more than thirty tech start-ups, internet economy part two made him a writer again, generally an advocate of psychotherapy, but not opposed to medication when symptoms dictate (with the added caveat that he has yet to find an instance when they didn’t). In terms of politics, Dave is a centrist Democrat, but he likes to criticize all sides (Dems, Republicans and Mel Gibson). He is basically a Democratic, pro-smut version of Joe Lieberman. In terms of Popculture, Dave is a cross between Larry David’s personality and JLo’s ass. In terms of technology, he remains an addicted user but, yeah, he’s been hurt like everyone else.

Dave and his Splendora-leading wife Gina currently reside in San Francisco where they order a lot of Chinese and are the proud roommates of three cats including the award-winning Grand Champion, Mister Winters.

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