. . . Sunday March 18, 2012

Herschel Plays Twenty Questions

Here’s an exchange between my five year-old son Herschel and his mom while they played a game of Twenty Questions over dinner.

Herschel: Are you blue?

Mom: No.

Are you orange?


Are you yellow?

No, and the color is irrelevant.

Are you white?

No, and I just said the color is irrelevant.

What does irrelevant mean?

It means that it doesn’t matter. My color will not help you guess what I am, so don’t waste your questions on this topic. OK?


You get it?

I get it.

Good. So knowing my color will not help you answer the question. That’s why it’s irrelevant. OK, go ahead and ask me something else.

Are you red?


Concentration is important!