. . . Monday November 2, 2009

Halloween Outtakes 2009

Our neighborhood in San Francisco is famous for massive Halloween crowds and this year was no exception. We (usually at least two of us) have to site at the bottom our steps where we pass out dual-fisted handfuls of candy. Closing the door between trick or treaters would be impossible.

We had a burrito truck parked in our neighborhood.

So many people come from so many different parts of town, I half-expected to see some kids dressed as Muni transfers.

How serious is our hood when it comes to getting into the spirit? We had four carved pumpkins, a massive witch hanging from our front door and glowsticks lining our front steps. As the evening got underway, one of the neighbor’s kids walked over, took a look at our entryway and quite seriously asked, “How come you guys don’t celebrate Halloween?”

About 10pm we usually get our last few groups of teen stragglers. Who do you have less respect for: Teens who egg and toilet paper your house before greeting you at the door with a line of B.A.s, or teens who dress up and want a piece of candy?

One year during college, my friend Dave went out for Halloween dressed as me (I was a semi-known person on the Berkeley campus known as the Mic Man). One of the people who recognized the outfit said are you the Mic Man? When my friend replied that he was, the guy said, “Wow, you normally look a lot fatter.”

My three year-old son was dressed as a skeleton and helped me pass out candy for part of the night. At one point, a little girl (a year or two his senior) came walking up our steps. She was also dressed as a skeleton. My son blushed. He stood there staring at skeleton-girl for at least twenty seconds. Then he started piling candy into her bag. One handful after the other, never averting his gaze. Player play.

I like to keep my costumes simple. For the past few years, I’ve gone as the Rainbow Man with the John 3:16 sign who was at all the sporting events in the 70s and 80s (Tho, since I’m Jewish, my sign says Jacob). Hopefully my career doing this ends better than his did.

My three year old son broke his late night record by staying up until 10:30pm. When I finally put him to bed, still in his skeleton suit, his last words of the night were, “Dada, is it Thanksgiving now?”

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