. . . Tuesday January 27, 2009

You Letter, You Letter, You Bet

The Firefox location bar type ahead feature suggests URLs by looking at your bookmarks and recent browsing history. Here’s a look at what fills my location bar after I type only one letter. Aside from being an egomaniac and a degenerate gambler, I seem to be pretty pedestrian when it comes to my browsing habits. Where do your first letters take you?

A – Addictomic

B – Bookmaker

C – Google Calendar

D – Davenetics


F – Facebook

G – Gmail

H – Haaretz

I – iGoogle

J – Jeff O’Keefe, Copywriter (ad man, friend)

K – Kottke

L – Logitech (Guess I researched that remote a bit much)

M – MyYahoo (still the best for finance and news)

N – Netflix

O – AddictOmatic (I go there a lot)

P – Politico

Q – PanAM 943 rescue (Q?)

R – Addictomatic Recent Searches

S – Andrew Sullivan

T – Talking Points Memo

U – Delicious Ego Search (I’m sick, I know)

V – Virgin America (recent Vegas trip)

W – Wolf Cooking (My 2 1/2 yr old calls himself little chef)

X – Bookmaker again (Super Bowl LXIII I guess)

Y – Yahoo TV (Tonight’s Picks)

Z – Zoho (where my football betting squad keeps our tally)

Concentration is important!