. . . Monday January 26, 2009

The Bizarre Case Friday Night Lights

I am heavily into TV. Take my word for it. And I am here to tell you, as I have in the past, that Friday Night Lights is clearly one of the best shows on television (the quality level is almost unthinkable given it’s on a network). And yet, year after year, it struggles. And this year is no different.

OK, so quality does not equal ratings. I try to skip the dog bites man news stories. But there is a man bites dog angle here as well.

FNL has a lot of highly attractive people. The line-up includes something for almost any viewer, the aspirational teen, the milf-seeker, the cougar, pervs who write blog posts about TV shows they like, even attractive viewers will find some of these folks attractive – not to mention the fact that FNL features (I am not too proud or uptight to say) the hunkiest male lead on a network show in decades. Taylor Kitsch can out hunk, say, the male leads in Lost without breaking a sweat. There, I said it. Oh, Minka Kelly (his girlfriend on the show) ain’t bad looking either.

So how does a show about teens, football and families with one of the hottest and most talented young, ensemble casts continue to nearly die year after year? I really don’t know.

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