. . . Tuesday January 20, 2009

Reaching (Around) Across the Aisle

It is my sincere hope that all of you will join Obama, me and millions of others in ringing in a new era of politics in which we listen to one another, respect each others’ views (even when we disagree) and take serious steps towards improving our own internal, across the aisle dialogue as we move to celebrate our national unity and usher in a new chapter in American discourse. It all starts at noon on Tuesday.

In the meantime: Hey all you neocon, right wing, religion manipulating, Fox News watching, intellect hating, anti-equality stupid mother-fuckers – suck it you stupid jerks. Suck the election, suck the crowds of cheering Americans across the country, suck the improved perception of America that already exists across the world and suck all of your shallow and pathetic attempts to fool a voting public you so clearly despise. Suck pretending you respected Palin you lying dicks. We’re even gonna get Franken in there, bitches. Suck on that for a few fucking years you shitfucks.

And before you even start, put a lid on any and all celebrity hating. We got Beyonce. I hope they put her and Springsteen and Jack Black on a friggin dollar bill before this is over. Deal with it you shitheads.

OK, let’s dialogue.

Concentration is important!