. . . Wednesday November 5, 2008

Unthinkable, Normal

This morning I had this weird feeling that although I am the same person waking up in the same bed in the same town in the same state in the same country, something is, to a remarkable extent, not the same.

It’s not just that a new guy is about to be our president. It’s that, on a very basic level, we all have to relearn what it means to be an American. What does it mean to black, white or brown in this country? How does the remaining institutionalized racism and the fact that we have a black president co-exist?

Even with a two year election cycle this all, historically speaking, happened so fast. And think about this for a second. For the first few months of the new year, it’s going to be pretty amazing and incredible and unbelievable to see an African-American family in the White House. But with the constant exposure they’ll all be getting, that novelty will quickly wear off. In a few months, seeing a black president is going to be just another visual we’ve grown accustomed to. It will seem totally normal.

And this is a reality that seemed unthinkable a blink of an eye ago.


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Henry Louis Gates: In Our Lifetime.


Bigger than partisan politics? You bet.

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