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Obama Then

A couple Obama entries from the Davenetics archives:

Wednesday July 14, 2004
Meet Barack Obama

Senate Candidate Barack Obama of Illinois will deliver one of the keynote addresses at the Democratic Convention. It’s probably worth keeping a close eye on this guy. Many Dem operatives think he is candidate whose star will rise all the way to the Oval Office.

Tuesday July 27, 2004
From the Fleet Center in Boston

Most people in this arena hadn’t heard of Barack Obama a few months ago. He is an up and comer from Illinois. Top Kerry strategist Bob Shrum recently told me that he and others think Obama is on his way towards becoming the first black president.

He got the keynote address. They passed out placards with his name to people all over the floor (a status symbol to say the least). He had the buzz of a politician in the heat of a fevered battle.

But could he pull it off? Could he make a massive splash on the national scene and make good on what Eminem might call his “one shot?”

Let’s put it this way. I almost expected the guy to complete his speech by saying “And I accept your nomination…” He rocked the house. His was not a speech about his state or this election alone. This was a speech, like Clinton’s and many of the other top players, that was about America.

Obama opened with his own biography and explained how unlikely it was that a guy with his background and family history would be giving the keynote at the Democratic Convention.

It’s a story you’re likely to hear again and again in the coming years. And each time, it will seem a whole lot less unlikely.

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