. . . Thursday October 2, 2008


Earlier today, I was worried about the increasingly worrisome lack of faith most Americans have in our political institutions. The pathetic performance by Congress (what percentage of these jokers do you think knows squat about macro economics?), the revolting and upsetting selection of Palin for Veep, the sad way we view and vote on elections, the depressingly narrow and superficial coverage provided by the press – all of it had conspired to leave me feeling hopeless and concerned that we are sliding into a sad and cynical, religion-infused, attack-ad supported, anti-intellectual, anti-reason downfall of an empire.

But then I thought, on the other hand, the hell with it, I am going to ignore all that and focus on myself. And, truth be told, I can’t fucking wait for the debate tomorrow night and my key goal is to have fun watching Palin hopefully destroy her and her running mate’s careers forever. Whatever it might mean for America, my near term goal is to have fun watching the debate. Screw world affairs. In the end, in my gut (even though I am stealing the line from a friend), I believe that great television pretty much trumps everything.

For what it’s worth, my shrink called this a major breakthrough.

Concentration is important!