. . . Monday October 13, 2008

Being Ahead

My guy is finally ahead. This hasn’t happened in presidential politics for awhile. As much as it seemed clear (like, uh, really clear) to me, in recently past elections, that my guy should be ahead, he wasn’t.

But now he is. I mean look at the polls. My guy is winning, by a lot.

And all it took was the collapse of the economy, a banking catastrophe, a stock market crash, a failed and expensive war, a dramatic drop in the world’s esteem for America, a sitting president with the lowest approval ratings ever measured (each time he spoke last week, the market plunged immediately), an over-stretched military, a housing crisis, a jump in joblessness, an overall sense that we are going in the wrong direction, an incredible low level of confidence in the notion that anyone in any position of leadership knows how to get us out of this or any mess, all combined with an opposing candidate who has been erratic, off-message, sluggish, poorly organized, unimpressive, unclear, angry, weird, old, badly handled, endlessly irritating to his own party, and who picked a lying, scandal-laden, and remarkably (hilariously if this were fiction) idiotic sidekick (I am a vegetarian animal-loving pacifist and frankly, the moose-killing is by far my favorite of her qualities). Just mix that with stadiums filled with idol-worshipping fans and the most money ever raised by anyone doing anything other than bailing out the world’s banks (in the next three weeks, my guy will be on the tube more than Regis) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

If we had only known, a long time ago, that’s all it took to get one of these damn things won.

(Even with all this, it ain’t over yet. Scary, eh?)

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