. . . Thursday September 4, 2008

Zonebusting the Zonebuster

As I mentioned earlier, I felt like Team Obama made a big mistake by going with the imagery and vibe of the big outdoor stadium show.

The Republicans have come back with a barely produced, soundtrack-free rebuttal. And Sarah Palin (along with Rudy) repeatedly attacked the image that Obama has created for himself.

This was a clear and gaping hole into which the Dems all but invited the GOP to fire missiles. Our guy in a six by four cell serving America, your guy receiving rockstar adulation for a great speech.

There’s a decent chance that the RNC participants went too far and fired too many shots through that hole. There’s less decent chance (tho we can hope) that Americans are tired of these substance-free hatchet jobs and will instead opt for Obama newish brand of interaction. But, whatever the shakeout, there was no reason that the Dems should have made this mistake and left themselves vulnerable.

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