. . . Friday September 26, 2008


So it’s Friday night. I have negotiated the night off from childcare and am heading over to a friend’s house to watch the debate.

I can’t wait. It’s bigger than the Superbowl to me and I am a major NFL fan.

But I don’t matter. I know who I am voting for. So does anyone with even a passing interest in these candidates, politics, America, or anything that happens to be on the news, ever.

None of us matter. We will watch the debate. Score at home. Watch the blowhards blow. Chug a few brews. Go home. Get fired up for Thursday night.

Let’s say there are a thousand of us. OK, for argument’s sake, let’s say a hundred million. And we’re all glued to the TV tonight.

What percentage of that 100 million are undecided? What disinterested, undecided person in their right mind would blow a Friday night watching this boring crap?

So does it matter? I know debates are supposedly the biggest thing in elections. Maybe it’s true. But somehow I feel like all the hype is nothing more than political masturbation.

Then again, I love masturbation. So I’ve got to run. Enjoy the show.

Concentration is important!