. . . Friday September 12, 2008

Actually, Palin Got This One Thing Right

When Charlie Gibson (who himself didn’t quite know what the hell it is either, of course) asked Sarah Palin about the Bush Doctrine, she correctly became confused, flustered and unclear.

She heard the word Bush and this was her reaction. Hello people … She was being ironic.

Would’ve been cool if Gibson knew what the doctrine is (and that there are about 4 of them) and chose to get her on a thousand other gotchas instead.

Sidenote: For those scoring at home, when asked whether you agree with the Bush Doctrine, the safe and correct answer is, “What, are you fucking kidding me?”

Sidenote 2: The campaign has devolved into all this crap from what it was during the week before the Dem Convention. Massive win for the GOP. Massive loss for the U.S. and frontal lobes everywhere.

Sidenote 3: Being smart (here not defined as wearing little reading glasses on the edge of your nose) has been rendered useless and even damning in American politics and media.

Concentration is important!