. . . Monday August 18, 2008

Usain What I Think You Sayin?

Yes, Michael Phelps owns history. And yes, Michael Phelps owns the hundredth of a second we will all remember for a long time. But the magic in the pool in 2008 and the wonder of the Phelps era in swimming should in no way distract anyone from the most amazing, absurd, unimaginable, insane 10 seconds in recent sports history.

The Usain Bolt dominance in the 100m – wherein the 21 year old coasted to a new world record even though he basically jogged the last 15 meters – was truly epic. I saw it live, I saw it taped, I’ve seen it on the web, in video, in pictures and heard it described and discussed.

And honestly, I’m still not sure that could have happened. This guy is the fastest human ever by an enormous and unthinkable margin. And the 100m wasn’t even his event until recently.

Check it out again for yourself. If this is totally clean and everything is on the up and up, it really is one of the more amazing moments in sports history.

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