. . . Tuesday July 22, 2008

Tiger and Steve

Serious golf fans will go on at great length to explain just how much better Tiger Woods is than anyone else in the game. His unique abilities and clutch performances are truly absurd.

Everyone can see it. But only real golf fans and golfers can truly appreciate the historic nature of this moment in sports history.

What Tiger is to golf, Steve Jobs is to consumer products. No one comes close to what Apple is putting out these days. It’s unthinkable to even compare this guy’s performance with that of anyone else out there right now. And those in the consumer electronics and PC game know this better than anyone. They can’t even copy his stuff right. He’s that much better.

Listen. People stand in line to buy his products even though they will be available the next day and the next.

Yes, it’s a team effort. But Jobs is the leader of that team and the Mac, iPod and iPhone are Tiger Woods performances – head and shoulders above anyone else in the game.

That makes concerns about Steve Job’s health all the more concerning for the company. But for now, even on a day when the Apple stock performed worse than expected, it’s worth sitting back, taking a breath and appreciating the greatness of a product guy at his peak.

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