. . . Monday July 7, 2008

Mile High Mistake

It’s one thing, during the course of a campaign, to have massive crowds overflow onto streets or public parks and demonstrate the organic enthusiasm about one’s candidate.

It’s another to transparently manufacture this kind of enthusiasm and parade it across all the news channels. This is exactly what’s being planned for the Democratic National Convention during which Obama will accept his Party’s nomination at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium.

Cool that he can do it? Sure. A good way to raise additional funds for the Convention? If you say so.

But this demonstration of hero worship sends a message that is the exact opposite of the one that tends to win general elections. Americans famously want a person who understands them, who is in it for them and with whom they’d like to have the proverbial beer.

Accepting the crown in front of a roaring crowd of nearly 100,000 seems to send the opposite message. I am larger than life. I am massive. I am a rockstar. You can’t have a beer with me, but you can get my autograph if you’re lucky.

And besides, do we really want to soil a field associated with the wonderment and joy of the upcoming NFL season with something as depressing as politics?

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