. . . Monday July 7, 2008

Break Points

Sports history often comes down to a few moments or a subtle trend that changes everything about how a competitor or team is viewed. And so it was during the Wimbledon final of finals when Rafa Nadal ended Roger Federer’s streak of 5 straight tournament wins and became the sport’s most feared player.

The match, with all its ups and downs, all really comes down to one key statistic. Federer was 1-12 in break chances. Unthinkable. If that stat was a bit more in Roger’s favor, we’d be talking about the greatest comeback in tennis history. Instead, we’re wondering if the mantle has been passed.

Sidenote: John McEnroe once again established himself as the best color commentator in sports. His ability to be totally natural in front of the camera (those post match interviews were a perfect example) is unrivaled. Would we buy it if another broadcaster hugged one of the athletes he covered during a postgame interview? Probably not. But with Mac, it just works because he is just being himself. And it’s pretty much what every viewer wanted to do as well.

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