. . . Friday July 4, 2008

Being John Adams

Although John Adams predicted we’d celebrate Independence Day on July 2nd, I am spending the day honoring the second president by attempting to watch the HBO’s day long re-broadcase of their miniseries with Paul Giamatti.

My goal is to see how long I can watch without laughing out of context, falling into a deep sleep or witnessing Giamatti tear up.

I will be live blogging the whole experience. So those of you without plans or who (like me) live in a town too foggy for fireworks, feel free to follow along.

The first episode begins now. The clock is ticking.

5 seconds (alert)

10 seconds (fine)

15 seconds (no tears or pouting at the moment)

20 seconds (a bit blurry but not bad)

25 seconds (Did they have closeups like this in the 1700s?)

30 seconds (He seems pretty irritated by something)

35 seconds (shouldn’t drooling disqualify one for higher office?)

40 seconds (imagine this: Adams trying to have a conversation with W)

45 seconds (uh oh…)

50 seconds (come on minute, come on minute, why is he yelling?)

55 seco……………………….

Concentration is important!