. . . Thursday June 19, 2008

Light, Heaven, Earth and the Frisbee

Fifty years ago, a couple dudes named Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin came out with a product called the Hula Hoop. Two months later, they had sold about twenty five million of them and that was just the beginning. As the fad began to slow, Knerr followed up the Hula Hoop with the discovery of the Frisbee. Knerr and Melin’s company, Wham-o, also marketed such hits at Silly String, the Slip N’ Slide, Hacky Sacks, and the Super Ball.

So imagine one of these guys at a dinner party. Someone comes up and starts a conversation.

“So, you’re in the toy business. Come up with any products I might have heard of?”

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