. . . Wednesday May 28, 2008

Understanding Stupidity

I know life is not fair when it comes to the amount of usable material one happens to get loaded in their noggin. But how can a person be pretty successful, well-traveled, and rub shoulders with some impressive people and still be so maddeningly stupid?

Here is Sharon Stone on the Chinese earthquakes:

“All these earthquakes and stuff happened and I thought, ‘Is that karma?’ When you are not nice, bad things happen to you.

“I’m not happy about how the Chinese are treating the Tibetans, I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else.

“They’re not being very nice to the Dali Lama, who’s a good friend of mine.”

When you are allowed, by the greater forces in the universe, to make more than one statement this stupid, you prove that there is no such thing as karma.

Concentration is important!