. . . Monday May 5, 2008

Blame the Media? You’re Right.

If you blame the media (television news in particular) for the sad state of political discourse in this country, you might be on the right track. Television news personalities, coupled with the public’s attraction to the shallow and/or stupid, have done great harm to the content of our national screaming match.

Take a look at this Meet the Press interview of Sen. Barack Obama. Tim Russert is supposed to be one of the more sane among his cohort. Well, even in the level-toned rhythms of Russerts supposedly intellectually high brow morning show, it took a full 22 minutes to get to a single issue other than Reverend Wright and inside baseball questions about political gamesmanship. If this is the crud we get at 8am, one can only imagine the hogwash spewed during prime time.

This is our coverage of elections. And our coverage of subjects such as the economy and war and peace isn’t much different (I will not waste the lines of html required to provide the all too obvious examples).

Next week, Sunday morning, it’s cartoons.

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