. . . Wednesday April 23, 2008

Obama: Poser or Closer?

The media loves Obama. Plenty of very smart people have said that Obama is the most exciting political voice in a generation. In the past two weeks, Hillary’s negatives have gone way up. Bill has been wildly ineffective. There is (or was) an extreme perception that this thing is over and Clinton should just end the pain. Even the best math minds in the country are having a hard time figuring out how Hillary pieces together a nomination. The Clinton campaign is generally viewed as being terrible and its upheavals have only worsened lately. Obama has all the dough and is outspending Clinton by at least three to one.

And still, Hillary is winning big in big states.

Something is going on. Could be race. Could be an inability by Obama to connect with certain voters. Could be a lot of things.

But with a Republican opponent whose brand is all about being an independent maverick, it really couldn’t be much worse.

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