. . . Friday March 28, 2008

Our Ever Embarrassing Congress

While we lament the Bush administration’s march into the war in Iraq, we too often forget that a pathetically lazy and politicized Congress gave them the power to do so. Many members of Congress never took the administration up on the offer to read intelligence reports.

Too lazy? Perhaps. But somehow these grandstanding idiots have plenty of time to exchange 100 page reports that reflect on the Clemens steroids hearings.

And yes, the findings are purely partisan.

Reprising the partisan nature of last month’s congressional hearing that examined whether the seven-time Cy Young Award winner took performance-enhancing drugs, the leading Republican on the committee that heard testimony from Clemens and McNamee released a report Tuesday questioning some of the Democratic majority’s findings.

The 109-page report “seeks to dispel conclusions that may have resulted from an incomplete consideration of the full record” and contains details Rep. Tom Davis believes could challenge the credibility of McNamee, the personal trainer who testified under oath he injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone from 1998-01.

This shit is being released just as we head into an economic disaster (yes, largely due to a lack of oversight by these clowns) and slide into more complications in Iraq.

We have built an election process that is a magnet for bickering imbeciles and, well, here they are. Fuck, it’s endlessly disappointing to follow politics.

And relax, I’m not Obama’s new reverend.

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