. . . Tuesday March 25, 2008

Frontline: Bush’s War

Frontline is always good. But they have outdone themselves with a remarkably detailed documentary on the incredibly disturbing lead up to, and execution of, what they call Bush’s War.

It really was a perfect storm of bad judgment, malicious intent, a power structure out of balance, a weak Natl Sec Adviser, a marginalized secretary of state, an all-powerful veep, a lazy Congress, and outplayed British PM, a foolishly managed French foreign policy, an ignored military leadership, an Oedipal complex hall of fame President, and a media that focused on Rumsfeld’s funny press conference delivery instead of highlighting the fact that he was wrong, horribly wrong, on just about any point that mattered.

Watch the documentary here.

Even today, the least focused on part of the story is that Osama bin Laden may very well end up dying of old age.

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