. . . Monday February 25, 2008

Nader for Nada

Ralph Nader has officially erased any of his prior good deeds with yet another useless run for the White House.

Regardless of the Dem outcome, this year we’ve got one candidate who is pro choice, one who is pro life, one who is for the war, one who is against the war, one who is for the current tax cuts, one who is against them, one for universal healthcare, one against, etc, etc.

And yet, from some twisted viewpoint, we’re supposed to believe we need a third choice.

Nah, this, once again is about nothing but the most base of all political motivations. Pure, unadulterated ego.

And unfortunately for Nader, this time around no one’s gonna give a shit. Our time is wasted and he is left with zilch.

Next story please.

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