. . . Wednesday January 23, 2008

Will Obama Sleep with the Bears?

In the last 36 hours, I saw the centerpiece of my nest egg go from being an impressive stock portfolio to my decision to take the Giants and points in the Super Bowl.

Although my combination of investing in internet startups, tech stocks and underdog NFL teams likely puts me in the bottom percentile of financial minds, I imagine I am not the only one for whom the economy just became the big issue of this election.

Now when candidates discuss change, I am picturing quarters, dimes and nickels.

The big question is how will our current economic trend (assuming it holds for awhile) will impact the race for the White House.

To me, it looks like bad news for Obama. His dynamic speech-giving, calls for change and new face all count for a lot less as the economy shifts downward. I don’t want a fresh, new change. I just want the money I had 48 hours ago back in my account.

A lot of voters will feel the same. And they may very well recall that their jobs were pretty secure and their investments were doing pretty well when Hillary was First Lady. Another dose of “It’s the economy stupid” just might be enough to push Obama into a permanent second place position.

I could be wrong. I just hope I’m not also wrong about the Giants.

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