. . . Thursday January 24, 2008

Pot: A Prescription for Getting Canned

The California Supreme Court has ruled that workers can be fired for using medical pot. Is there, really, any more nonsensical set of laws that the ones around medical marijuana? So you have pain or a debilitating disease and pot gives you some relief (and is, by the way, about 10 times weaker than most of the drugs that would otherwise be prescribed). First, we needed voters in California to limit the exposure to prosecution for both doctor and patient (it often seems unclear why we don’t have to do that for every other prescription drug, especially those known to cause real damage). Now, the Court has ruled that even if you do have a prescription, you can be canned for toking off the job.

The court ruled against Gary Ross, a 45-year-old computer technician who was fired by a Sacramento firm for testing positive for marijuana despite a doctor’s note saying he needed the drug to combat back spasms that cause severe pain.

So let me get this straight. A company wanted an engineer who wasn’t getting high?

We might as well cancel the internet.

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