. . . Wednesday January 30, 2008

Lost Content, Found

In our desperate quest to get our hands on some new TV content, Tim Goodman gets folks pumped up for the return of Lost

At first, ABC said it wasn’t going to send out screeners of the Season 4 premiere of “Lost.” Too many spoilers, the network said. Can’t trust the critics.

Then, over the weekend, ABC sent an e-mail to critics saying, yes, they could watch the first two episodes online. A DVD appeared on Monday.

Three words for Thursday’s first episode: Oh. My. God.

ABC kindly sent the second episode as well. Three more words: Oh. My. God.

ABC will be catching viewers up in a few ways over the next couple of nights. So if you’ve never watched and HBO’s new shrink show (more on this later) is not fulfilling the more science-fictiony, car chasey you, there’s still time to get on this, um, plane.

Concentration is important!