. . . Thursday January 31, 2008

How Much Fame is Enough?

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, one often wonders how much celebrity is enough to satisfy one’s needs without being too much to allow for a normal life.

James Galdolfini has just the right amount of fame. The best way to quantify that level?

If you have just the right amount of fame, you can punch someone in the face and they’ll still hang around to get an autograph and a picture with you.

[Gandolfini] became enraged when the man, brandishing a notepad and pen, came too close to the actor’s fiance, Deborah Lin, and Gandolfini hit out, grabbing him by the collar and punching him in the face…

But the actor soon calmed down, and before leaving he apologized to the fan, taking time to sign the autograph and pose for a picture, according to the New York Daily News.

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