. . . Thursday January 17, 2008

Friday Night Lights at Dave’s Drive-In

The latest show to featured in my Dave’s Drive-in section is the series pilot for the most excellent show Friday Night Lights.

If you haven’t seen FNL or came to the show late, you can head over to the Drive-In and start from the beginning.

This is one the best dramas to hit network TV in years. Dare I say, it’s cable quality programming.

To enjoy the show, you don’t have to be into football (anymore than you had to be into optometry to appreciate Ralph Malph’s father on Happy Days).

The production quality and acting are excellent and the writers manage to depict small town Texas life without creating caricatures. The main family in the show will become an immediate favorite. And regardless of your gender or sexual preference, you will be wholly unable to deny that Tim Riggins is greatest teen hunk to hit the small screen in years. Around my house, we watch the show wearing our new Dillon Panther hats (though we tell some people the P stands for Pell).

Trust me, the show will have you by the opening credits.

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