. . . Tuesday January 29, 2008

Barack Obama: The Davenetics Endorsement

I endorse Barack Obama for President. My endorsement is born out of support for Obama and a deep belief that we don’t need another four years of Clintons in the White House.

Why Obama?

In 2004, Barack Obama burst onto the national scene when he gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. Along with a handful of other bloggers, I was up in the rafters of the Fleet Center covering the event. Obama brought the house down. More than a few people quietly wished the Dems had a candidate like that rather than John Kerry stiffly “reporting for duty.”

Now we do have that candidate. I quickly bore with those who argue that Obama doesn’t have enough experience or that we shouldn’t place too much emphasis on his speaking ability. Being smart, being a leader and being able to communicate, motivate and inspire are the key traits I look for in a president. Obama has them.

The tenor of the debate between Republicans and Democrats is totally ridiculous. Unity across the political aisle is a bigger underdog than my kid’s pop warner team against the Patriots (and my kid is 20 months), but we need to aspire to it. And Obama is the one person in the race who has a shot of at least moving us in the right direction. Is there any doubt that four years of Hillary means four years during which the divide in this country will deepen?

During the South Carolina primary, the Clintons gave us a glimpse into the very unctuous and impossible beast we were supposed to ignore: The two headed president. Twice as calculating. Twice as self-serving. Now voters have seen it and it will hurt them and the Democratic Party if “they” get the nomination.

Let me skip the detailed analysis of Bill Clinton’s role in the campaign thus far and simply ask this question: if Bill Clinton completely disappeared, would you vote for Hillary Clinton?

No one is more disgusted with the far Right Wing and its behavior during the Clinton years than I am. But there was more to the story. Bill Clinton let his team and his Party and his country down in a massive way. As I said many years ago, his behavior was reprehensible and it deeply hurt the Democrats. Don’t let the celebrity blur reality. With the writer’s strike, I am seeing just about all the reruns I can take.

We need a unifier and a fresh face to lead the Democratic Party, and more importantly, the country. If Obama can win the nomination (which is still quite a long shot), he will win the White House. I don’t think that’s true for Hillary. I don’t think she is the right person at the right time. I do think Obama will do an excellent job, surround himself by the right people and inspire (rather than embarrass) us when the need arises.

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