. . . Wednesday December 12, 2007

Reflecting on Woodstock

The always intriguing David Galbraith reflects on a recent trip to Woodstock:

If young people are less radical than their grandparents, society is abnormal compared to historical trends. More importantly, the historical precedent is that this kind of society is more likely to stumble into large scale conflict.

True indeed. Sometimes, though, I wonder whether we focus more on which group seems louder at the moment. Certainly, the Summer of Love was about two Americas, two responses to a war and a moment in time – some see it as an era that shaped a generation while others (including many who were young people at the time) see it as an era that nearly destroyed the nation.

It does feel that my cohort is staying “young” in terms of radicalism. We go to rock concerts. We live on the edge of popular culture. We move about easily among those half our age (OK, so that my just be my perception. I choose to ignore 20 year-olds who describe me as avuncular). We are obsessed with video games. We have no problem adopting phrases like, “That’s the way I roll.” And come on, we blog after all.

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