. . . Wednesday December 12, 2007

Made Marion Jones

Clear now looks like a doubly appropriate name for the steroid that “Made Marion” Jones took all the way to the record books. The International Olympic Committee has formally stripped Jones of her medals and cleared her name from the record books.

This one hurts. When the truth became obvious about Barry Bonds, you felt like the jerk kid of the family down the street who you always sort of hated fulfilled all of your predictions about where that personality would ultimately lead. With Marion Jones, it felt like something terrible happened to that cute kid for whom you left the hole in the wood fence between you and neighbors so she could crawl through and share some lemonade and swim with you and your kids and whose unforgettable smile always made its way into every meaningful family photo.

With Barry, you looked at the numbers and the head size and you knew something was up. With Marion, you looked at the unheard-of improvement that took place in a short amount of time and you cheered her on anyways.

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