. . . Tuesday December 11, 2007

Led Zeppelin – Live Footage – O2 – London, ’07

When I was a kid, I lived in a Led Zeppelin shrine of my own making. Tapestries were draped over my built-in bookshelf. Posters were everywhere including above my then state of art turntable. Song quotes printed on a dot matrix printer at school were taped to my headboard. I (along with many of my friends) used to think I could feel a Led song coming on the radio. When I listened to music by another band (other than Bad Company who was featured on the Swan Song label), I would gently apologize to my poster of Robert Plant holding a dove in one hand and a beer in the other.

These were, for lack of a better description, the post-Manilow years.

The room, like the song, remained the same for decades. Long after I was married and lived in my own house, I could return to my San Rafael Led Zeppelin shrine. A couple years ago my parents remodeled the old house. Down came the posters. The tapestries were rolled up. That period of my life was locked away in a virtual memory trunk – for my parents, it was probably more like a virtual house of the unholy who long for the past days when they tried to get Manilow to perform at my bar-mitvah and the future ones when my Haight Street-esque alcove could be transformed into a den.

Does anyone remember laughter?

So it was with some interest, and some recollection of the days of my youth, that I scanned the net for any raw footage from the Zeppelin reunion in London. Here’s what I found. The quality isn’t that great. But it’s certainly worth a look and listen. If I watched anything else today, I’d have to go back and apologize to my Plant poster all over again, so here goes.

(note: These vids seem to get taken down pretty quickly, so I can only hope they work. Another good source is NME.)

Whole Lotta Love

Good Times, Bad Times

TV News Footage with Closer Shots

Stairway To Heaven

Since I’ve Been Loving You

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