. . . Saturday December 22, 2007

Jew in the Basement: A Christmas Story

This was a particularly cool evening in San Francisco. Unfortunately, it was also the night my gas furnace stopped working. The regional power company let me know that they could have a guy out here next Thursday (it’s this Friday), so I loaded the kid into layers: Crazy Striped Footed Sleeper beneath the unrivaled Banana Hannah Fleeced Body Gear (we call it the rocket suit around these parts). I changed into my work clothes – t-shirt, undershorts, crocheted hemp hat (what can I say, I’m a blogger). Then I headed downstairs to the basement.

I read the how-to on the side of the gas furnace and I basically rebooted the thing. And the heat started up. I essentially pressed apple, control, power button on my home’s heating system. And as it did with the ipod and Mac before it, it worked.

The wife is sound asleep. The kid is toasty warm.

Will it last? Will I be freezing or gassed out by morning? Who knows? At the very least, I gave you two excellent kid sleepwear products above.

At most, I may have come the closest to being a man since I absolutely killed my haftorah portion in the early eighties.

Shit, it’s starting to get a little chilly in here…

Concentration is important!