. . . Tuesday December 4, 2007

Immigrants Going Home

Immigrants, especially those without legal status, have a unique insight into the state of the nation. Right now, that state is not looking so hot. A weak dollar, sluggish economy and a generally bad (and fully unjustified) attitude towards outsiders (an attitude that used to be reserved for fringe right wing talk show quacks) is cause enough for many to being buying a one way ticket back home.

To explain an often wrenching decision to pull up stakes, homeward-bound Brazilians point to a rising fear of deportation and a slumping American economy. Many cite the expiration of driver’s licenses that can no longer be renewed under tougher rules, coupled with the steep drop in the value of the dollar against the currency of Brazil, where the economy has improved.

And here we’re talking about families that have been settled here for a decade or more and that include children born in the U.S.

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