. . . Sunday May 6, 2007

The Press Corpse and Iraq

What happens when you try to convince members of the press that anything approaching skepticism is the equivalent of treason and that the patriotic thing to do is to write down what the administration is leaking regardless of the fact that none of the dots seem to connect?

It works.

It works so well that is utterly depressing and in some ways marks a significant threat to this little republic of ours.

If you haven’t seen Bill Moyers report on the press and the Iraq war, do so immediately and tell others to do the same.

Imagine a room filled with White House journalists. The President has a list of pre-approved questions to be asked in a pre-approved order. Everyone knows that’s the score. Yet, as soon as W finishes answering one question, everyone in the press corps raises their hands, suggesting that they may be called on next. They all know it’s just an act.

That happened during a critical, primetime press conference. Who represents your interests in that scenario?

Now extend that “teamwork” between the administration and those supposedly tasked with keeping them honest as far as you can possibly imagine.

OK, you’re about a 10th of the way there.

We’re not talking about life risking war zone get the truth at any cost reporting here folks. We’re talking about taking the time to do a simple review of the widely available information. You won’t believe it when you hear just how basic were the efforts put forth by a few excellent journalists from Knight Ridder.

If only Saddam had been accused of fathering Anna Nicole’s baby – we may have gotten some deeper coverage. A crappy and dishonest administration, a weak press corp, a happily uninformed public.


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