. . . Thursday May 31, 2007

Hope You Are Not Scoring At Home

It’s sort of perfect that Howard Fineman is providing a take on Al Gore’s assertion that the removal of reason from politics is a really big deal these days.

Fineman, of course, is smack dab in the middle of the problem; namely that politics has been turned into a sport and political analysis is a profession focused solely on that sport (not on the issues).

The selling of the Iraq war, the nonsensical obsession with religion in relation to major secular decisions, the absurd presidential press conferences – none of these things are covered on an issues basis by these guys. It’s all about who scored the most political points. Bush can win the game even if he ruins the country. And we can all root for our sides regardless of the fact that we really don’t like them much. It’s sports. Yeah, the Warriors are sore losers and behave a bit like thugs. But I am a Warriors fan, so go team.

Don’t get me wrong. I love that shit. I too am more interested in the wording and strategies of dudes like Frank Luntz than I am in Sunnis. While we’re on the topic, I like listening to Howard Fineman.

And that makes me (like most political bloggers) part of the problem too. Anyone want to stop for a second and realize that this administration has been BETTER able to dupe the American public during this blog heavy internet age?

You’ll know we’re back on the right track when you see a leader give a speech and you choose to turn off the television before anyone has the chance to tell you whether he/she scored any major political points.

In the meantime, I will be spending this period (when we are in a terribly destructive war, debating immigration policies that take us back several decades, see our relationship with Russia – a country with a few more WMDs than Iraq – sliding back even more decades, etc) providing my takes on the takes of a television pundit who is providing his takes on a former politician who was the right hand man of the hall of fame champ of winning the sport of politics.

Concentration is important!