. . . Wednesday April 4, 2007

This is Television’s Golden Age

In almost every discussion related to media content, we look back to the good old days. Music was better, movies were better, we were better, etc. Distribution improves. Content withers.

Here’s an update.

This is the golden age of television. Forget the reality television trend. Forget Springer and Cheaters. Forget Dateline’s upsetting fetish. Forget Sanjay.

Television is absolutely rocking the house.

Let’s just look at this week in television.

Tues: The Shield returns. OK, this show is heavy on the testosterone. But it is great at what it sets out to do. I love the show.

Weds: Friday Night Lights. Great show. You don’t have to like football. Incredible young actors. Tight direction.

Thurs: The Office comes back after a few weeks off. Listen. People love The Office. I know that. But it still could be the most underrated comedy in television history. You could easily make the argument that this is the greatest sitcom (if you can even call it that) ever. And if you’re hitting yourself on the head thinking that I am an idiot, then you’re probably thinking about shows like All in the Family and Taxi, and I’ve made my point. If you’re thinking about shows like According to Jim, move along. I don’t need the traffic that badly.

Sun: Both Entourage and the Sopranos return.

Are you kidding me. The Shield, Entourage and The Sopranos all premiering in one week in the middle of friggin April?

Forget the golden age. This is television’s golden week.

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