. . . Wednesday April 4, 2007

Electoral Predictions

Sickened in general by the state of political discourse, I have taken a break from commenting on the sports league that is presidential politics.

But, in what could be described as an admission that I am as much of a scumbag as everyone else, I suppose I will jump back in.

Here’s my big prediction:

None of the current presidential race frontrunners in either party will win the 2008 race. Not Hillary, not McCain, Not Obama, Not Rudy, none of them.

Now you may say, Dave, you complete dick, today’s politics are all about cash and no one not in the race right now can possibly make up enough fundraising ground to take the race.

And you’d be right. About me being a complete dick and about this being an insane prediction.

But none of them will win.

Concentration is important!