. . . Wednesday April 4, 2007

Bike Gangs in SF?

Like many cities, San Francisco wasn’t really made for bicycle commuting.

That’s a bummer.

Like in many cities, drivers in San Francisco really suck.

Not good, that’s true.

Oh, and a lot of cyclists don’t do such a great job of following the basic rules of the road and managing their own vehicles. Though it’s more rare, it pays to mention that some confrontations between bikes and cars are the cyclists fault (a messenger ran into my car a weeks ago while I was at a stoplight – and for the record , I did not get out of the car and key her bike or beat the crap out of her).

The monthly Critical Mass bike rides are a major hassle for all drivers, even those who support better bike paths and ride their bikes to work on occasion.

They’ve made no difference, that I know of, moving the city towards more bike-friendly roads (a worthy goal to be sure).

And absurd, borderline violent, confrontations between Critical Mass bikers and drivers (given what I have seen during my share of commutes over the years) are not that rare.

And without really giving two shits about what happened in this particular case or who was at fault, all sane people intuitively know that this kind of crap is unacceptable and is a slap in the face to regular folks who just happen to like riding a bike to work.

Regardless of your cause, attacking a minivan probably ain’t gonna look all that cool on your C.V.

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