. . . Tuesday March 13, 2007

Splendora: The Relaunch

Posting around here has been light of late because I’ve been spending the past few months helping my wife and her team relaunch Splendora. The response has, thankfully, been incredible.

Reintroducing… Splendora: The Authority on Fabulous

We really did a full overhaul. Thousands of new members have already created profiles and we have some cool new features including:

Fabulinks – The latest headlines and stories for the top Gossip and Style blogs on the web (blog style or headline style, baby).

Deals – Excellent and unique online and offline deals.

Splendora Classifieds – Consignment shopping and style-related job board. Think of it as Ginaslist.

Splendora Blog – My pick for the most beautiful blog on the web. Hat tip to designer Lisa Harmon.

Concentration is important!