. . . Monday November 6, 2006

World’s Heatlhiest Blog, Saddam’s Neck, and Haggard’s Sentence

Don’t believe the boxes. It turns out that many of the foods that market themselves as healthy and good for you are probably neither. Hannaford Brothers, a chain of New England supermarkets, has come up with a star system to rate the nutritional value of the foods they sell. Many of the foods that are self-labeled as healthy are really not all that good for you. Colbert might call this a lack of truthiness in healthiness. Seventy-seven percent of the food on the shelves at these markets got zero out of three health stars.

Maybe food manufacturers need to up the level of their deception and go negative by taking a page out of the political marketing handbook. Did you hear that Lean Cuisine spent three years hanging out with a gay male prostitute (but never inhaled), or that Good Seasons dressing mix has been used to toss salad during lunch breaks at gatherings where climate change and evolution is being discussed? And don’t get me started on Granola bars (you might as well just sit down for a snack in one of bin Laden’s caves).


A Cornell professor thinks the key to nutrition has more to do with the mind than the mouth (and suggests that we make about 200 subconscious food related decisions a day). It’s pretty cool to live in a society where you can have any other food related thoughts aside from a pressing need to stop your hunger.

More than 60 million people in China are obese. But don’t worry, even with their massive population advantage, we’re still out in front on this one.

Is eating out the new eating in?

The Planet’s Most Depressing Shortcut?

It’s getting easier for properly equipped ships to travel from Pacific to Atlantic via the Northwest Passage. That’s great news if you’re a shipping company looking for a shortcut. It’s not all that great news if you consider that the passageway is getting travelable thanks to climate change and that darn melting ice.

Well, if global warming creates new routes, at least we can avoid that giant vortex (think the size of Texas) of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean …

Haggard’s Sentence Structure

Ted Haggard apologized to his congregation with the following:

“The fact is I am guilty of sexual immorality. And I take responsibility for the entire problem. I am a deceiver and a liar. There’s a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring against it for all of my adult life.”

He’s got a few of his adjectives out of place there. It is the “warring against” that was repulsive and dark.


Saddam Trial: Wait, wait, wait … OK Now

Finding it a little hard to believe that the timing of the Saddam verdict
had nothing to do with the timing of our elections? Seems unlikely, but fair is fair. This administration should get full credit for tightening the noose around Saddam’s neck. Voters need to decide how big a factor that is in the grand scheme of things. Before any Dems get too excited, it’s worth taking note that at least a few of the post Saddam verdict polls show things tightening up a bit. That’s the downside of running a campaign that is entirely based on not being the other guy. It doesn’t work as well when the other guy has a decent day (there have been few of those recently).

The political campaigns are coming up with more ways to ruin your dinner with automated phone calls (am I the only one who decides to vote against whoever calls me?).

Coming Out Ain’t What it Used to Be

Neil Patrick Harris has announced that he is gay and proud of it (but he doesn’t run a church and no one really thought anything to the contrary, so unfortunately it doesn’t count).


Headline of the day: Silent plane would cut airport noise … Of politics and Google Bombing … Did the O.C die with Marissa? … What does it cost to get a homeless person off the street (a lot less than it costs to leave her there)? … Google is about to expand their ad network to newspapers. As the network grows, so does their dominance …

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