. . . Wednesday November 15, 2006


I am now officially against oversized SUVs. It’s not the climate change thing, although that should be reason enough. And it’s not the dependence on foreign oil thing, although that should qualify as a reason. It’s mostly because I was side-swiped by a giant SUV last night. Notice I didn’t say my car was side-swiped. I was.

I was getting out of my car (luckily, in terms of the tone of this story, I was driving a hybrid) and handing the key to a friendly valet parker when a massive, white SUV ran into my person. Fortunately, it just hit my arm and side (collapsing its side mirror). And I am pretty big dude. For most of you, this would be the equivalent of getting run into by Segway.

Anyway, I stayed on my feet, and inspired by the Cheerleader on Heroes I showed no signs of weakness in response to shocked looks and queries coming for the valet team.

Anyway, long story short, I am now strongly in favor of compact cars. What can I say? All politics are local.

The World’s Worst Traffick Jam

According to a spokesperson, the Vatican views today’s human trafficking and forced enslavement as being worse than during the African slavery of past centuries. It makes one wonder about the whole good v evil line we’ve been fed over the past few years. How is this not on the national radar?

Working on Commissions

From Michael Kinsley: “It’s a nutty, and not very attractive, idea to turn an urgent issue of war and peace over to a commission. Commissions have usually been trotted out for long-run social problems: immigration, debt, health care. Going to war is something that ought to be decided by the people we elect. Congress in recent decades has virtually abandoned its duty under the Constitution to make the decisions about when American soldiers are sent to kill and die.”

The Nasty Web

According to a recent study, about 1 percent of all web content is adult in nature and about
six percent of all queries at the major search engines draw dirty results.

I wonder what would happen if you took into account all searches across Bittorrent sites and P2P networks. I’d be surprised if you ended up with 6 percent of non-dirty searches.

O.J. “If I Did It”

In what could be the most offensive reality show in history, the Juice will be describing how he would have carried out the double murder if he had been the one to do it. Wait. Wouldn’t that have to be classified as a re-run?

Dems Unifying?

Are the Dems on the road towards party unification heading into ’08? Not so far. There is already infighting about the second spot in the House following Pelosi’s odd decision to back a horse in the race. Meanwhile, the GOP has put Trent Lott back into a power position. It’s just more proof that while times and politics can change, bad hair never dies.


Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me now features a daily news quiz online.

The Daily Melt

Bears Can’t Sleep in Russia and you can take a more comfortable swim in the North Sea.


Slate asks: We mated with Neanderthals. Can we breed with other animals, too? (God I miss college) … Nuns Who BlogClooney Still Hot … From Mile High Club to Doing Time Club? … San Francisco outlaws Styrofoam and Decriminalizes Pot (This is the greatest place on earth for just about everyone other than those who love smoking Styrofoam) … Why do men die quicker than women when they have the same diseases? … Hitchens on Borat (The cage match everyone secretly longs for…)…

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