. . . Tuesday November 7, 2006

Get Happy and Lapless in Seattle

Considering the state of things for Dems over the past few election cycles, one would assume that any uptick would be good news. But over the past few weeks, the bar has been set high by pundits and prognosticators. The Dems are ready to feel good, but how much of a win will be good enough? A few seats? The House but not the Senate? Ultimately there will be a disconnect between aspiration and actual joy. This election is all about a dude who is not on the ballot. And he will be there manana no matter how today plays out.

Headline of the day: Angry Campaigns End on an Angrier Note.

Here are some of the key initiatives and referendums from around the country (in the Bay Area, our voting information booklet is about as thick as the yellow pages, and not nearly as readable).

The first charge of voter intimidation comes in Virginia.

You didn’t think things we’re going to go smoothly in Ohio, did you? …

How are people betting on the political races? Follow the money.


Rage against the (voting) machine … Many districts are quickly turning back to paper ballots.

Lapless in Seattle

The hottest race of the day could be a proposed Seattle law that would take the lap out of lapdancing.

The proposed law would include the following regulations:

- The four-foot rule. A performer and her patron must stay at least four feet apart.

- The library rule. Lights must be turned up to the brightness of a typical office.

- The cash-in-a-cup rule. A patron cannot give money directly to a dancer or wiggle it into her underwear.

I’ve been to book club meetings with less uptight rules.

Voting for Knowledge?

If you’re a thinking person in America, you can feel pretty lonely when listening to talk radio or reviewing the latest poll numbers, but you’re not alone on every issue. More than eighty percent of voters think sex education should be comprehensive (and that includes Conservatives).



We’ve all been in traffic jams caused by rubberneckers who just can’t resist taking a long look at a heinous crash. But can a scene be so grizzly and so upsetting that no one even dares to glance? It turns out the answer to that question is yes. The crash? A K-Fed live concert.

The Haggard Tapes

Richard Dawkins and Ted Haggard

Ted in Jesus Camp


Mahir insists that
Borat ripped him off … Sitcom writers have a lot less shelf space now that NBC is dedicating the 8pm slot to reality programming (unfortunately, the waning trend may be picking up momentum again) … Tiger set to design courses (something tells me these courses might play a bit long) … Xbox gets into movie and tv downloads … Of electric fish and migraines … Kirstie Alley
back in a bathing suit (another Oprah scoop) … Will the higher cost of buying low end items result in the rise of the two dollar bill? … Which Girl Scout cookies are the best sellers?

Concentration is important!