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Web Superstardom

Web Superstardom, One Gender Schools, Dr. Limbaugh, Two Evils, Robotic Nannies and more…

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You Are a Web Superstar

One of the top agencies in Hollywood has created an online unit that will scour the web to identify and sign web superstars, who will then be pitched for mainstream deals. The web’s best thing (the billions that have been pocketed aside) has always been the breaking down of walls between content creator and content consumer. People perform in one way or another (blogging, singing, making videos, recording always on and always disturbing webcam performances, etc) and other folks decide whether or not to sit in on that performance, all without the guidance of any primetime programmers. Whether this new online talent agency is anything new at all is really another matter. We’ve all be discovering and discarding talent on the web since Mahir first said “I kiss you.

I am most interested in watching the direction of the talent flow. Today, we’re still talking about finding web talent and putting it on television or into print. Is it that hard to imagine that in a few years we’ll be finding talented people on television and signing them to web deals to get them in on the really big action?

Same Sex Schooling

In a fairly dramatic shift, the Ed Dept will allow publicly financed school districts to create same-sex public schools as long as there are other options that are “substantially equal.” I wonder if there will be a grandfather clause. I’m still looking for a decent excuse for not getting laid in high school.

Dr. Limbaugh’s Shakedown

Desperate to matter in this election cycle, Rush Limbaugh chose an unlikely target of his nonsensical attacks: Michael J. Fox. Fox has been appearing in commercials (watch one here) supportive of candidates who favor federal funding of stem cell research. Limbaugh lashed out at Fox for, well, faking the symptoms of his disease. “He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He’s moving all around and shaking and it’s purely an act … This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting.”

I guess when you swallow prescription pills by the handful you start to think that any symptoms call be controlled. Unfortunately, those associated Parkinson’s often can’t. And the same is apparently true for the symptoms associated with being a complete jackass.

Lesser of Two Evils

The GOP is looking to reverse some campaign trends by reaching out to conservatives with the message: It would be even worse under the Dems. This counters the Dems anti-Bush movement. Choosing between the lesser of two evils used to only be the way the voters looked at elections. Now it’s actually the core strategy of the people running.

Don’t Let Your Daughter Marry a Senator

The key campaign to watch over the next couple weeks is Harold Ford Jr’s attempt to be the first black Senator to represent a Southern state since Reconstruction. According to one voter who plans on backing Ford, “Oh, sure, there’s some prejudice. I wouldn’t want my daughter marrying one.”


Robotic Nannies

Japanese engineers have come up with a new product that essentially is a robotic Nanny. I guess now my wife’s gonna know why I’ve been stockpiling all that WD-40.


How Dilbert’s Scott Adams got his voice back (incredible) … Self Esteem alert: There a lot of dead people who earn more than you do … 7-Eleven decides to remove a product called Cocaine from their shelves (relax, those pinkish twinkie things are staying, so who cares?) … More than 100 service members sign a petition calling for withdrawal from Iraq … And at the rate we’re consuming, Human’s may need the equivalent of two planets worth of natural resources by the year 2050. No pressure, but either we find another few planets are half of you will have to go…

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