. . . Monday October 2, 2006

Story Becomes Clear(er), Same Question Emerges

So now we know what we all pretty much knew. Bush will ultimately be the last of them to believe Bush (long after Barney has begun to transform himself into a vegan, pro-life, glue-sniffing, cross-dresing feline who can only relieve him/herself when accompanied by the sound of Bill O’Reilly’s voice) and Colin Powell was squeezed out.

I have the same question today as I had several years ago. Why didn’t Colin Powell stand with us?

(Us here referring to members of thinking humanity. Colin Powell here referring to about 10-20 folks who could’ve made a difference by cutting and running back to sanity.)

Dark days. There is no victory – political, moral, etc – that can come this late. And I continue to think the lies about the environment will be the longest lasting streak of dung smeared across this near decade of history by the country’s most exclusive frat house (and the hundreds of pols on both sides of the aisle who threw on the togas and tried to figure out how to cover their own electoral asses.)

And don’t feel too smug yourself. If Depends made a full body suit for each of us it wouldn’t come close to containing the level to which we as a nation of evolution-debating, tough-talking (between episodes of “So You Think You can Dance”), religion-distorting, know-nothing jackasses have soiled ourselves.

Bunker bust that.

Concentration is important!