. . . Friday October 6, 2006

Of Breasts and a Sure Thing

Here’s a sure thing:

If a group is telling women what to do with their bodies and/or trying to legislate something as personal as the feeding of a newborn, their arguments will always be based on flawed science.

And so it is with the rampant demands that every woman breastfeed her baby. Does that make a smarter baby?

Of course not. But we’ve been hearing that it does for years. You’d think that if one really wanted to test a theory like that they’d simply compare siblings who were raised on different liquids. That’s what you’d think if you thought truth was the goal of these lobbying nutjobs. But it’s not.

As long as my kid is smart enough to be skeptical about nonsense that comes from screwballs like the breastfeeding police, he’ll do just fine. And we’ve raised him on nothing but Red Bull.

Concentration is important!