. . . Friday September 22, 2006

Drug Dealing Ain’t What it Used to Be

Among the surprises on the Forbes list of the richest Americans is the fact that Howard S Schultz of Starbucks has only just entered the list at the lowly level of number 354 (barely breaking the one billion mark).

Compare that with the combined worth of Larry and Sergey that clocks in around $28 billion. Even David Filo of Yahoo is worth more than twice as much as the brew master.

Who else is worth more? The owners of the clothing store chain Bebe. Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban’s sidekick at the ever popular and dominant Broadcast.com brand. Peter Buck of Subway.

Seems crazy, no? I mean, has there ever been a brand like Starbucks? It is the dominant brand selling the most popular drug in the world.

And Howard’s only worth a bill? Damn, I know bloggers who make that much in a week.

And I won’t even mention how far down the list Oprah is.

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